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Liquid Level Sensor Products

Gems liquid level sensors and switches provide high-reliability monitoring and detection of a wide range of fluid media. Requirements can range anywhere from the sensing of cooking oil, to hydraulic fluids, to diesel fuel tanks, to water and wastewater, to biohazards, to even deionized or potable water.

To effectively address such a wide variety of measurement challenges, Gems offers a broad range of contact, non-contact, and non-intrusive liquid level switches and sensors. These are available in multiple technology types, including reed switch-based floats, solid-state electro-optical, conductivity, capacitive, ultrasonic, and piezo-resonant. Multiple liquid level sensing technologies may also be incorporated within a single application. Sometimes, more than one “best fit” solution may also exist, with the ultimate decision simply a matter of customer preference.

Standard catalog products for liquid level sensing include single point level switches, continuous level transmitters, multi-point level switches, and visual level indicators. Detailed specifications on these and other liquid level sensors and switches may be found in the links below.

Please consult our fully digital online standard product catalog for an up-to-date listing of available models for immediate customer shipment.

Sensor Technology Comparison

Categories Attributes Float Type Capacitive Electro-Optic Ultrasonic ULS-200
Single-Point Multi-Point
Solid-State   Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Housing Material Metal Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Plastics Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50px  
Medias Detected Water Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Coolant Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Engine Oil Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Hydraulics Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Diesel Fuel Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px   Full_Blue50px
Brake Fluid Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50px Full_Blue50px
Power Steering Fluid Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Transmission Fluids Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Key Attributes Dry Contact Output Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px    
Open Collector, Sinking/Sourcing   Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Resistant to Coating   Full_Blue50px  Full_Blue50px
Range of Construction Materials Full_Blue50px  Full_Blue50px Full_Blue50px
High Ingress Protection   Full_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Ignores Condensation   Full_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Sensor footprint Small Full_Blue50px Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Medium Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px Full_Blue50px  
Large  Full_Blue50px    
Mounting Orientation Side, Threaded Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px
Top, Threaded Full_Blue50pxFull_Blue50px    
Top, Flange       
Electrical SPST or SPDT
10-100 VA
10-100 VA
9-32 VDC
5-28 VDC
5-28 VDC
9-32 VDC