Food and Beverage

For years, Gems Sensors has been providing solutions for the dynamic needs of the food & beverage industry. Gems Sensors manufactures a wide variety of level sensors and switches to detect liquid level in an array of applications within this industry. 

Having the capability to detect level is extremely important in the food and beverage industry. If liquid levels are too high, a problem can result. Conversely, if levels are too low this could cause an issue as well. The level sensing products that Gems Sensors customizes and manufactures are used in a variety of different applications including food warming, ice making, coffee making and beverage dispensing.

Gems Sensors also supports the winemaking industry with products and solutions to control and monitor level and temperature for glycol chillers, pressure and temperature for barrel cleaning systems, as well as environmental control of temperature and humidity for storage.

Gems Sensors designs products that meet the stringent requirements of food safety agency approvals.