Oil & Gas

As the world seeks to more efficiently capitalize on its hydrocarbon resources, Gems Sensors plays an integral role in ensuring safe and consistent operations. Oil tank level sensing requires precise indication for low level, high level, and overflow for the storage and measurement of oil & gas as well as the need to automatically sense and electronically communicate the tank level.

For over 50 years, Gems Sensors has customized solutions for the dynamic needs of the oil & gas sensor industry. Gems Sensors manufactures a wide array of sensors such as gas pressure sensors, gas pressure switches and level sensors to detect pressure, level, and flow in a variety of Oil & Gas sensor applications, including tank level sensing. 


Applications Include:

  • Chemical Injection
  • CNG Vehicle Conversion 
  • Drilling Fluid Tank Monitoring
  • Fracturing Truck Monitoring
  • Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil Reservoirs
  • Spark Protection in Diesel Fuel Distribution
  • Storage Tank Level Monitoring
  • Tote Level Monitoring
  • Wellhead Automation (Plunger Lift, Main Line Valve Control, etc.)