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Gems Sensors helps set new world land speed record

BLOODHOUND SSC is a unique, high-technology project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000 mph barrier and set a new world land speed record. Designed and constructed in the U.K., BLOODHOUND SSC includes components from Gems...

Learn How to Calibrate GEMS' 4-20 MA

Product Manager, Tim Kelley, demonstrates how to calibrate a 4-20 MA here:

How to Adjust an Adjustable Pressure Switch

Accurate pressure source/measurement and control equipment is important while setting your pressure switch to ensure your switch actuates at the correct set points. Learn how to adjust a field adjustable pressure switch here:

Overview of SureSite Visual Level Indicators

Gems Sensors & Controls offers a wide variety of visual level indicators. Learn about the differences of the various models here:

Overview of the Guided Wave Radar

Dave Curry, Design Engineer of level products highlights features of the RLI-G Guided Wave Radar including its easy set-up and installation:

Learn How to Program Gems' DM21 Series - 1/8 DIN Meter/Totalizer

Product Manager, Carl Schoenherr, demonstrates how to program here:

Learn How to Program Gems' M103 Series Compact Meter/Totalizer

Product Manager, Carl Schoenherr, demonstrates how to program here:

Learn How to Wire and Operate Gems' Warrick Conductivity Controllers

Product Manager, Tim Kelley, demonstrates how to properly wire and use our Warrick Conductivity Controllers here:

Overview of the XLS-1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The XLS-1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor is Gems' rugged alternative to reed switch level sensors. They are compatible with water, water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids, and are perfect for applications where foam and condensation may...

Overview of Tank Level Sensing

Understand the different tank level sensing products Gems Sensors can provide:

Overview of Flow Sensors

Understand the difference in Gems' flow sensors to choose the right product for your application:

Custom Fluid Sensing Solutions

Learn more about Gems Sensors custom fluid sensing solution offerings to see if it is the right fit for you:

XM/XT-300 and 700 Product Guide

Learn more about the Gems Sensors XM/XT-300 and XM/XT-700 continuous level transmitters.

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