Point level switches are often used as a warning indicator to trigger an alert when a fluid level is either too high or too low within a tank or vessel. A single point level switch detects if a predetermined single liquid level is reached and actuates a switch to notify a user. Single point level switches are available in multiple sensing technologies including float, electro-optic, ultrasonic, capacitive, and water in fuel.

Types of Single Point Level Switches

capacitive single point level sensors

Capacitive Single Point Level Switches

Gems Capacitance sensors are frequency-tuned for liquid detection. Most are noncontact models that sense from outside a fluid vessel's wall and offer adjustability to operate accurately with both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids.

Capacitance Switch Models

SP - Electro-Optic

Electro-Optic Single Point Level Switches

Electro-optic liquid level sensors feature a small footprint for anywhere space is at a premium. Solid-state switching delivers dependability over a long service life.

Electro-Optic Switch Models

SP - Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Single Point Level Switches

Ultrasonic switches are non-contact and work by emitting high frequencies that are reflected back and measured. Gems ultrasonic switches and transmitters are ideal for applications requiring solid-state level measurement, such as those with ultrapure, dirty, coating, scaling, or corrosive-type liquids.

Ultrasonic Switch Models

Single Point Level Switch Applications and Industries

Single Point level switches can be found in the following industries:

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