Reintroducing the Mini Transmitter

xmxt300 xmxt-700

XM-XT-300-700Gems Sensors reintroduces the line of mini continuous level transmitters - the XM-XT 300 and XM-XT 700. These transmitters are considered mini as they have an indicating length to 14". A mini transmitter requires only one sensor entry point into your tank and provides continuous output. These are designed for small tank applications and replace level switches. These pair extremely well with PLCs, meters and controllers with multiple output options. 

This product has been available at Gems since 2014 and serves not only medical, but agriculture, HVAC, printing and semiconductor applications as well. 

To learn more about mini transmitters and to see if they are the right fit for your small tank application, download our  new XM-XT 300 & 700 Product Guide.