Visual Tank Level Monitoring for Food and Beverage Reagents


Commercial food product processing facilities will take raw food product such as peanuts or other grain and refine it into a usable baking product such as dough. In the refining process, reagents and additives are combined with the raw food product. These reagents are stored in large stainless steel holding tanks.

Challenge: Calculating remaining product within food and beverage tanks

Each of these stainless steel tanks needs a method to determine how much product is remaining. The tanks can be several meters tall and operators need a reliable and easy way to ensure they do not run out of product during the refining process. The sensors need to be comprised of food and beverage compliant materials and easily sanitized.

Solution: Gems' Mini SureSite

Gems' Mini SureSites are visual level indicators that work with a magnetic float to flip brightly colored red and white flags to display the liquid level. This visual level indicator utilizes a 1.25” pipe diameter allowing it to fit in tight spaces. Highly configurable with multiple mounting and port options, including sanitary flanges.

Key Benefits of the Mini SureSite:

  • All 316 SS wetted materials are food and beverage compliant and easily sanitized
  • Visual indication allows for quick and simple use for operators with no power required
  • Does not get cloudy or foggy like sight glasses, making it much more durable and less prone to being damaged
  • Ability to have electronic transmitters and switches added for remote monitoring
  • Scales with configurable markings
  • Mounts to the side of tanks so no issue with head room above tank
  • Spare parts available (flag assembly and float) and are easily replaced if needed

Additional Sensor Options for Visual Tank Level Monitoring in Food and Beverage: 

  • LED SureSite: Similar footprint as the Mini SureSite but with LEDs to indicate level versus flags
  • Standard Alloy SureSite: Visual level indicator but with 2.5” pipe diameter
  • Plastic SureSite: Visual level indicator with plastic wetted components, 2” pipe diameter

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