LS-7 Series, Side Mounted Level Switches in Food Warmers


Food warmers help ensure cooked food remains warm, typically with hot water beneath the food trays.  These systems require sensors to maintain proper water level through high water alarms/cutoffs or make up switches to refill the water reservoir. 

Challenge: Finding a reliable side mounted level switch built with food grade materials

With no access for top mounted switches, side-mounted level switches are a great option.  However, finding a reliable and cost-effective side mounted level switch that is built with food grade materials, can be a challenge.

Level Sensors come with a variety of wetted materials, and mechanical connection options.  There are a lot of side mounted level switches on the market that get close, but many are expensive and difficult to source.  

Solution: LS-7 Series side mounted level switches for Food Warmers

Gems LS-7 side mount level switch has wetted material options compatible with food grade requirements, including stainless steel and polypropylene. 

It is available in multiple different mounting types to fit the needs of many different tanks.  It’s simple yet reliable design ensures a long product life.  If you are looking for a dependable and cost-effective side mounted level switch that your customers can count on, look no further.  The LS-7 Series sensor is the perfect solution!

Gems offers a wide variety of sensor solutions for different food warmers, steam cookers, and hot water heaters.

Additional Sensor Options for Food Warmers:

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