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Ensure Optimal Server Performance: Prioritize Environmental Control and Cooling in Your Data Center

Environmental conditions and server cooling are crucial in modern data centers as they directly affect the performance and lifespan of the servers. High temperatures can cause servers to overheat, leading to system failures and data loss. Additionally, humidity levels that are too high can cause corrosion and damage to server components. Proper server cooling systems are necessary to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level within the data center, ensuring optimal server performance and reducing the risk of hardware failure. Without proper environmental conditions and server cooling, data centers would be at risk of costly and potentially disastrous downtime.

Server Liquid Cooling

HVAC / Environmental

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Our Sensing Technology Group, consisting of Gems Sensors, West Controls, and Setra Systems, offers a wide range of solutions for your data center needs. Gems products provide components for server cooling and HVAC and boiler systems, while West products offer temperature and process controllers for full control over your data center's environment. Setra products offer BAS components to help manage energy usage and monitor environmental conditions to ensure optimal performance and maintain consistent uptime.

Gems products offer discrete point-level and continuous measurements, making them ideal for server cooling and HVAC and boiler systems. Our solutions are designed to keep your servers at optimal temperatures and ensure your equipment continues running without interruption.

West Control products offer single-loop and multiloop controllers for controlling and monitoring server temperatures, as well as environmental conditions like temperature and relative humidity (RH). With our temperature and process controllers, you can have full control over your data center's environment, ensuring that your facility and equipment are running at optimal levels at all times.

Setra products offer a comprehensive range of BAS components, including low differential pressure sensors, room pressure monitors, condition monitoring software, energy management equipment (power meters), and temperature and RH sensors. We offer both standard wired sensors and wireless sensing technology, making integrating our products into your application easy. Our solutions are designed to help you manage your data center's energy usage, monitor environmental conditions, and ensure optimal performance.

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