UCL-510 Software Installation Troubleshooting Guide

If you are receiving error messages during the installation of the UCL-510 software, we have found that the steps below will correct the error.

  • Check with your IT group to see if there are any USB driver installation blockers.  This has been reported by a few customers.   
  • Best practice is to install the software after a fresh boot of the PC/Laptop/Controller and ensure that no other programs are running.  If possible, ensure that there are no USB devices plugged into the PC. 

Install via Windows Safe Mode: 

  • Reboot the computer into Windows Safe Mode.  Your PC User Manual should give you instructions on how to do so on your particular PC.   
  • While in Safe Mode, run the installer program that was previously downloaded from our website (/search-products/product-details/ucl-510-ultrasonic-continuous-level-transmitter-225100). This will install fresh drivers for the PC. 
  • Then, reboot the PC back into Normal mode and see if the issues still persists. 


If you are still having issues, try installing the software onto another PC/Laptop/Controller to see if same issue appears. 

If all the above steps still yield negative results, please contact Gems:   

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