Medical Sensor Technology for Medical Imaging & Lasers



Sensing Technology for Medical Imaging and Lasers

Gems Sensors products have been used in the medical technology industry for over 34 years for a wide range of medical equipment. Here are some of the applications that our medical sensor technology has been used in by our customers:

Medical Lasers 

Gems’ products measure and control water, gases, cleaning solutions, dialysate, coolant and air to support heating and cooling in medical lasers and thermal management of the patient’s body.

Medical sensor technology for medical lasers includes: LS-7 Type10_LevelSw_Float

  • LS-7 Float Type Single Point, LS-300 Multi Point, Electro-Optic Level Sensors and XM-300 Continuous Level Transmitters to provide consistent level detection in laser’s coolant reservoirs and water tanks to prevent overheating and machine shut down
  • A, B & D Valves to control fluid for cooling laser heads

Medical Imaging 

Gems’ products monitor the machine’s cooling system to prevent overheating and machine down time. Medical sensor technology for medical imaging includes: FT-110

  • PS-11 Pressure Switch to detect low pressures and loss of coolant on electronic cooling systems to prevent overheated machines and downtime
  • FT-110 Flow Sensor to provide continuous flow monitoring in a uniquely small footprint to adapt to machine sizes decreasing

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Not what you’re looking for? Other medical equipment our sensors support include:

  • Surgical Equipment
  • Sterilization
  • Medical Gas Distribution
  • Renal Care
  • Dialyzer reprocessing
  • Water purification

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