Application: Power Generation – Genset

Gems Sensors & Controls
he critical components and systems that make up a generator set need to be reliable. Gensets are particularly sensitive to failure issues. Emergency generators often sit unattended and non-operational for months at a time, only called into action when external power is cut off and immediate.

Warrick Series 67 Part Number Configuration Explained

Gems Sensors & Controls
The 67 Series multi-function/duplex pump system control module is a complete 4 channel level control solution for use with float-type (dry contact) or conductive level sensors. Designed for simplex or duplex pump/solenoid vale control with high and low level alarms.

UNIVERSAL LEVEL SENSOR - Renewable Energy – Wind Turbine

Gems Sensors & Control
The critical components and systems that make up a wind turbine need to be reliable. One common factor that limits useful life of these systems is continued stress on bearings, brakes, and gears. It is important to maintain proper fluid levels for optimal sustained performance, and to prevent occurrences that may result in expensive damage.

Gems’ LS-270 Level Switch in Commercial Marine Bilges

Gems Sensors & Controls
Commercial Marine vessels may include tugboats, ferry boats, cruise ships, and tanker ships to name a few. For the vessels to operate efficiently and effectively they have multiple systems that work together.


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