Glycol Chiller & Heater Solutions for the Wine- Making Industry

Gems Sensors & Controls
One of the most important factors in making wine is fermentation. The rate of fermentation can impact the flavors of the resulting wine. This rate can be manipulated by controlling the temperature during the fermentation process to achieve the desired flavor characteristics.

Pressure Switch Comparison

Gems Sensors & Controls
Gems Sensors offers many different pressure switches for different applications. Whether you need a low pressure switch for sensing air in a manifold or a high pressure switch for sensing hydraulic oil in a off-highway vehicle, Gems has a pressure switch to fit your needs.



Auto-idle – PS61 Series Pressure Switch

Gems Sensors and Control
As emissions regulations continue to get stricter, OEMS are looking for ways to meet or beat the specifications to ensure that their equipment is in compliance.  One of the largest adders to emissions is idling gas/diesel-powered equipment.



Harvester Brake Switch – PS61 Series Pressure Switch

Gems Sensors And Controls
Grain harvesters (or combines) are large farm implements that cuts and gathers large amounts of grain, hay, alfalfa, and other agricultural products. These harvesters have evolved to become quite powerful as well as technologically advanced.
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