Level Sensing in Mobile Agricultural Equipment

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Low coolant level detection in large tractors is needed to protect the engine from overheating. This requires a simple, reliable sensing solution with long life to handle the conditions often present with agricultural equipment.

3G Probe Spacers

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Below is information on probe spacers for Warrick fitting 3G. Probe spacers are used to keep probes apart, so they don’t conduct and indicate a false reading, especially for longer length probes. For lengths over ten feet it is recommended to use a wire suspended probe, 3W or 3Y. Match your 3G mounting type and number of probes to order the correct spacer.

CAP-3 and CAP-300 Comparison

Gems Sensors & Controls
Gems Sensors & Controls capacitive level sensors, CAP-3 and CAP-300 are alike by design and in functionality. They both use the capacitive operating principle for point level detection of the presence of liquid.
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