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Now, more than ever, backorders with unavailable products cost end users and OEMs time and money. Industrial sensors and controls aren't immune to these delays, and options have become very limited. Fortunately, we have many product options to ship. Across our portfolio, products are ready to order with standard lead times to get your project or equipment up and running on time. See if some of our ready-to-build products can help with your application!

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Level Products

Multi-Point Float Level Switches

SeriesMaterialsSizeActuation LevelsMax Length
LS-300Engineered PlasticsCompact1 to 420" (50.8 cm)
LS-700Durable Metal AlloysSmall1 to 548" (121.92 cm)
LS-800Durable Metal AlloysLarge1 to 6132" (335.28 cm)


Single-Point Float Level Switches

Series Materials Mount Type Switch
LS-3 Engineered Plastics Vertical SPST 20VA
LS-7 Engineered Plastics Horizontal SPST 20VA
LS-270 Alloy, Buna N, Slosh Shield Horizontal SPST 20VA

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Flow Products

Flow Switches

ModelDescriptionFlow Setpoint Range
(Fixed GPM)
FS-380Compact, Piston-Type, High Inline Pressures0.15-2.00
FS380-PIndustrial Strength, Inline, Piston-Type, Plastic0.07-2.00
FS-480Stainless Steel, Piston-Type, Large Flow, Low Pressure Drop0.50-3.00
FS-200*General Purpose, Shuttle-Type, Straight-Through Flow Path0.50-50.00
RFS*Rotorflow® Paddle Wheel-Type with Visual Indication0.10-60.00
*Adjustable Versions Available

Continuous Flow Sensors

ModelDescriptionFlow Range (GPM)
FT-100Turbine Insert, Low Flow Rate, Custom-Mounted0.20-2.00
RFARotorFlow® Paddle Wheel-Type, 0-10 VDC Analog Output0.10-60.00
RFO**RotorFlow® Paddle Wheel-Type, 4.5-24 VDC Pulsed Output0.10-60.00
RFI**RotorFlow® Paddle Wheel-Type, Visual Flow Indicator Only0.10-60.00

*Turbine Insert Only
**FDA Compliant Potable Versions Available

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Pressure Products

Pressure Switches

PS6110-4350 PSIG (0.7-300 bar)Normally-Open or Normally-ClosedSPST1/8" or 1/4" BSPM, 1/8" or 1/4" MNPT, 7/16"-20 or 9/16"-18 SAE, M10, M12, M14

Pressure Transducers

SeriesPressure RangeTypeMeasurementOutputs
35005-600 PSI (0.35-40 bar)MMSGauge, Absolute, CompoundCurrent, Voltage, Ratiometric
11000-10,000 PSI (0-700 bar)Sputtered Thin FilmGauge, SealedVoltage, Ratiometric
3100/32000-32,000 PSI (0-2,200 bar)Sputtered Thin FilmGauge, SealedCurrent, Voltage, Ratiometric
809Vacuum-10,000 PSIG (-1-690 bar)CapacitanceGauge, Sealed, Compound, VacuumCurrent, Voltage
8300-100 PSI (0-6.9 bar)CapacitanceDifferential, Unidirectional, BidirectionalCurrent, Voltage
8560-10,000 PSI (0-690 bar)CapacitanceGauge, NEMA 4/IP65Current, Voltage
8650.25-100 in. WCCapacitanceVery Low Differential, Unidirectional, BidirectionalCurrent, Voltage
890Vacuum-150 PSI (-1-10.3 bar)Capacitance3A Sanitary, Gauge, VacuumCurrent

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Valve Products

General Purpose Miniature Valves

AGLiquids or Gases7 Watts25-1000 PSIG (1.7-69 bar)2-Way or 3-Way1/8" NPT or Manifold Mount12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC0.019 to 0.300 Cv
BGLiquids or Gases7 Watts15-400 PSIG (1-28 bar)2-Way or 3-Way1/4" NPT, 1/8" NPT, Manifold Mount12 VDC or 24 VDC0.018 to 0.430 Cv
DGLiquids or Gases10 Watts10-900 PSIG (0.7-62 bar)2-Way or 3-Way1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, Manifold Mount12 VDC or 24 VDC0.045 to 0.880 Cv

Sub-Miniature Valves

EGLiquids or Gases0.65 Watts20-135 PSIG (1-9.3 bar) 2-Way or 3-Way10/32 or Manifold12 VDC or 24 VDC0.018 to 0.070 Cv
EHLiquids or Gases2 Watts50-190 PSIG (3-13 bar) 2-Way or 3-Way10/32 or Manifold12 VDC or 24 VDC0.018 to 0.070 Cv
GGLiquids or Gases0.65 Watts10-135 PSIG (0.7-9.3 bar)2-Way or 3-Way10/32, M5 Ports, Manifold12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC0.015 to 0.063 Cv
GHLiquids or Gases2 Watts25-250 PSIG (1.7-17 bar)2-Way or 3-Way10/32, M5 Ports, Manifold12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC0.015 to 0.063 Cv
MALiquids or Gases0.5 Watts10-25 PSIG (0.7-1.7 bar)2-WayFace Mount, Manifold, Barbed Fittings5 VDC, 12 VDC, 24 VDC0.018 to 0.037 Cv
MBLiquids or Gases1 Watts25-50 PSIG (1.7-3.4 bar)2-WayFace Mount, Manifold, Barbed Fittings5 VDC, 12 VDC, 24 VDC0.018 to 0.037 Cv
MHLiquids or Gases2 Watts50-100 PSIG (3.4-6.9 bar)2-WayFace Mount, Manifold, Barbed Fittings5 VDC, 12 VDC, 24 VDC0.018 to 0.037 Cv

Isolation Valves For Aggressive Media

ASLiquids or Gases7 Watts5-150 PSIG (0.3-10 bar)2-Way Normally-Closed1/8" Ports or Manifold Mount12 VDC or 24 VDC0.020 to 0.300 Cv

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Warrick® Products

General Purpose Water Level Controllers

Series 16Open Circuit Board Controls
Series 16MModule Controls, Solid-State Plug-In Modules

Low Water Cut-Off Level Controls

Series 26Low Water Cut-Off - Standoff Mount, General Purpose
Series 26MLow Water Cut-Off - Plug-In Modules, General Purpose
LWC-700Low-Level Cut-Off Controller
LWC-720Low-Level Cut-Off & Pump Up Controller
LWC-800Low-Level Cut-Off Controller

Liquid Level Relays

SeriesDescriptionSupplyTerminal Style
Series 19MRDirect Motor Load of 30 Amps @ 240 VAC Conductivity-Based Controls120 or 240 VAC3/16" or 1/4" Spade Lug
Series ASolid-State Alternators - Open Circuit Board120 or 24 VAC1/4" Spade
Series AMSolid-State Alternators - Module120 or 24 VACScrew Connector
Series DCControls For Remote Applications12 or 24 VDCScrew Connector

Intrinsically-Safe Liquid Level Controls

Series 27Intrinsically-Safe Controls120 or 240 VAC
Series 474-Channel Relay, Alarm Panel Control120 VAC
Series 67Multi-Function Control Duplex Pump System Controls120 VAC

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Process Controller Products


ProductDescriptionLead Time
MaxVU16 Simple single-loop controller10 Days
MaxVU8 Simple single-loop controller 10 Days
KS98-2 Multi-function controller 10 Days
CAL & West 32nd DIN controllers As Low as 15 Days
West PRO-EC44 2-loop Profile Controller Lead-Time Down to 20 Days
West & Partlow Plus Series 16th DIN, 8th DIN, ¼ DIN controllers All Down to 20 Days
CAL 9500PCompact Profile Controller15 Days


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