On Demand Flavor Soda Machine with ELS-950N



These highly popular soda machines are widespread throughout the globe, in hundreds of thousands of fast-food restaurants and movie theaters. It allows users to pick custom flavors On Demand of any type of soda mixes within the machine, including flavor bursts of peach, grape, mango, cherry, vanilla, and more.  

These new flavor on-demand soda dispensing machines use tanks to store the liquid sweeteners.  They need a way to detect the level of sweetener in each tank and trigger an alert when the tank gets to a certain low level so they can be replaced. 

Challenge: Finding an NSF Certified, non-moving-parts, low-cost liquid level sensor 

Since this machine is used in public restaurants, the components within the machine must be NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified, and safe for food and water use.  An NSF certified device is allowed to come in contact with food so that it will not cause any contamination or buildup.

Solution: ELS-950N                 

The ELS-950N is an NSF 169 certified, direct contact level sensor that lets the machine know when the liquid sweetener is running low and needs to be refilled. Without this type of NSF certified sensor, the machine could run dry, as well as be unsanitary.


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