Flow Turbine Insert FT-100 for Beverage Dispensing

Beverage dispensing continues to be a growing and innovative market.  Specifically, carbonated beverage dispensers have come a long way from their simple manual valve designs with only a few flavor options.  Now consumers have endless flavor choices with the push of a button. 


Challenge:Controlling the amount of carbonated water so it is the correct mixture with the syrup requires the system to know the flow rate of the carbonated water.

However, finding a small and economical flow sensor to work with carbonated water is difficult.  In addition, being accurate enough to measure down to small amounts, and having NSF 61 approval for drinking water and NSF 18 for beverage dispensing is a challenge, until now   


Solution:  FT-100 Flow Turbine Insert   

Gems FT-100 Flow Turbine insert has NS61 approval for use in drinking water applications and NSF 18 for use in beverage dispensing.  It has a small footprint, measuring less than 1” long and less than ½” wide, it can fit within small liquid lines with little to no design change.  This NSF 61 and NSF 18 approved flow sensor has a 5% accuracy reading and an even better repeatability of within 2%.  Measuring carbonated water flow rates down to the ounce is no problem for the FT-100 Flow Turbine Insert.         



Gems FT-100 Flow Turbine Insert is an extremely cost-effective solution in the beverage dispensing industry.  This Flow Turbine is a smart addition to the ever-advancing beverage dispensers offered for today’s consumers. 


Additional Sensor Options for Beverage Dispensing: