Did You Know That Gems Sensors Helps Dispense Wine?


Beer and wine dispensing equipment is a big advantage in almost any successful bar or restaurant. It is a large investment that will pay off, if it works correctly. The problem with some dispensers is that as the pours become more frequent, the valves used in the machine need to stay open longer. This causes the valves to heat up, and in turn, they heat the beverage. With the right valve inside each dispenser, the process of dispensing can be quicker and colder, making for more satisfied customers.


Challenge: Finding a valve that stays cool when open for a longer period of time

A typical solenoid valve requires power to hold it open.  The continuous power builds up heat in the valve’s coil. That heat is then pulled from the valve by the beverage flowing through it. Latching Solenoid Valves


Solution: Latching Solenoid Valve

Because a magnetic latching solenoid valve only requires power to change states, it can remain open without causing the beverage to heat up like a normal valve. It can remain in its current state for an unlimited amount of time without being powered. Gems Sensors is also able to add a custom flow meter to the end of the valve to monitor the amount of fluid. There is no other solution like it in the current market. 

Features of Latching Solenoid Valves Include:

  • 2 Way or 3 Way Valves
  • Low Power 7 /5 Watt Coils
  • MOPD: 100PSI
  • Dual Diode Protection Optional

Other Typical Applications Include:

  • Natural Gas Plunger Lifts
  • Natural Gas Separators
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Irrigation Systems