Commercial Coffee Makers featuring A Series Solenoid Valves


Commercial coffee makers continue to be a strong market with ever increasing demand. New and improved designs have helped create niche coffee makers and coffee shops, with everyone trying to make the best cup of coffee!

Challenge: Coffee Makers are a difficult application for valves

The media is hot water and many times even steam. This requires the solenoid valve to be made from premium wetted materials to limit any possibility of corrosion. The hot water and steam also pose an issue with the plunger seal, as many elastomers can swell and restrict the flow.  Many valve manufacturers can meet some of these stringent requirements, but at what cost and size?

Solution: A Series Solenoid Valve

Gems A Series Solenoid Valve is an excellent valve to work within Commercial Coffee Makers.  It’s less than 2” overall height ensures it fits within the available footprint of most coffee makers. It’s offered with all stainless-steel options to help limit corrosion.  This robust 2 or 3-way miniature solenoid valve is available in numerous port configurations, orifice sizes and seal combinations, ensuring it will fulfil the requirements of your coffee maker.

Gems A Series Solenoid Valve is an extremely cost-effective solution in the competitive commercial coffee maker industry. This subminiature solenoid valve has proven to be an effective and reliable valve for OEM Coffee manufacturers for decades.

Additional Sensor Options for Coffee Makers:

  • B Series Valve: Slightly larger than the A Series for increased flow requirements
  • LS-3: Small float level switch for high and low water level indication
  • RFO-PW: Rotor Flow sensor for water feed


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