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Gems Sensors' products help businesses around the globe meet design and manufacturing requirements for critical applications. Our latest product designs have you in mind.


The new Gems Bidirectional Flow Switch is an inline flow switch capable of detecting flow in either direction. This flow/no flow device is capable of high temperatures, low pressure drop, media compatibility, and is key for Industrial applications where the indication of flow direction is required.
Continuous Level Sensing

Introducing the Segmented Coaxial Radar Level Sensor

Gems has expanded the RLI-G Radar family to include Segmented Coaxial Radar units for lengths greater than 1 meter.
Competitive Pricing for High Volume Applications

New CAP-3 Capacitive Level Sensor

The CAP-3 is a capacitive sensor for OEMs that offers highly competitive pricing for large volume applications. 12 standard options are available each with an integral DT04 Connector.
Continuous Level Sensing

Reintroducing XM-XT 300 & 700 Continuous Level Sensors

Compact, versatile float type level sensors ideal for continuous level sensing in small tank applications.
$85 List Price/Aggressive OEM Discounts

1100 Series Pressure Transducer

The 1100 Series is a compact, low cost OEM solution with 0.5% accuracy and exceptional long term stability.

Gems Sensors Team Supports Increased Ventilator Demand

As people and companies around the world come together in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we're proud to do our small part to meet the increased demand for ventilators and other essential technologies.


Our sensors and controls are an essential part of the infrastructure required to sustain our utilities, national security, and medical industries and meet the criteria to continue to operate and serve our customers.

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