What Is An Integrated Sensor?



An integrated sensor is the core technology of a sensor without the package. It allows for multiple sensor technologies to be combined or "integrated" into a single plug-and-play assembly. Integrating as little as 3 sensors can reduce leak points by 75%, reduce footprint by up to 80%, while also reducing the complexity and optimizing the end-user's experience.

This animation shows how a piston type flow switch and a valve are integrated into an assembly that also contained: bypass re-circulation, filtration and reverse flow prevention.


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Gems offers several types of integrated sensors, including:

Piston Type Integrated Flow Switch

  • Simple, reliable reed switch and piston operating principle
  • Flexible form for plug-and-play

Rotorflow Integrated Sensor

  • Accurate, robust and debris tolerant design
  • Mates well with valves, temperature and pressure sensors within a liquid sensing and control module

Turboflow Integrated Sensor

  • Small and adaptable footprint
  • Highly accurate and repeatable technology using Hall Effect
  • Designed for low flow OEM applications

Thin Film Integrated Pressure Pack

  • Compact core technology to reduce component space
  • Features accuracy, stability, reliability, media compatibility and vibration resistance

Valve Manifolds

  • 303 stainless steel
  • Can be used with any Gems manifold mount type A Series or B Series valves