Coolant Flow Sensors in Medical Lasers

Medical Laser




A low flow switch is used to indicate loss of coolant flow.  Coolant liquid helps protect critical and expensive equipment from overheating and becoming damaged.  A Normally Open switch will close when the coolant flow rate is above the switches setpoint, indicating proper flow.  If the flow rate drops below the setpoint, the switch will open and shut down the system to prevent damage and keep personnel safe.  This fail-safe logic is important as it will also shut equipment down in the event of a loose connection or broken wire.    

Challenge: Reliable Coolant Flow While Ensuring Patient Safety

Coolant liquid is critical in many applications.  The sensor needs to be reliable, repeatable, small, and economical.  One application is for medical lasers, where coolant flow is critical for patient safety and equipment protection.  Gems FS-380P Coolant Flow Switch meets all these requirements.

Solution: FS-380P Coolant Flow Switch


Gems Sensors & Controls  FS-380P Coolant Flow Switch was chosen for several reasons:

  • With setpoints down to .07 GPM, it can work with very low flow ranges and still sense loss of flow
  • A Glass reinforced polypropylene body makes the sensor lightweight, economical, and the chemical compatibility to work with numerous medias.
  • With ¼" Quick Disconnect ports it enables installation to be quick and reliable, and the ability to be interchangeable with many different port types and sizes.  

Other features of the FS-380P Coolant Flow Switch Coolant Flow Switch include:

  • Multiple setpoints from .07 up to 2.0 GPM
  • 0F to 212F Operating Temperature Range
  • Inline design limits any pressure drops

Additional applications include: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Telecommunication Systems, Proton Radiation Therapy Equipment, Battery Storage Systems, Industrial Lasers, and Laboratory Equipment


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