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Replacement Solenoid Valve for Commercial and In-home Humidifiers

Low Cost Replacements in Single or Bulk 40-Piece Packs

Are you in need of replacement solenoid valves for commercial or in-home humidifiers? Gems Sensors offers replacement valves for the following models: A2012-S150 and B2015-S135. They are available for purchase through and can be sold individually or in 40-piece packs.

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Fits Aprilaire Models: 110, 112, 220, 224, 350, 360, 440, 550, 550A, 550-A, 558, 560, 560A, 560-A, 568, 600, 700, 760, 760A, 760-A, and 768.

Replaces OEM Valve Models: A2012-S118, B2035-S2, B2035-S5, B2035-S54, B2035-S55, B2015-S51, B2015-S54, B2015-S58, B2015-S65, B2015-S68, B2015-S85, B2015-S87.

Order A2012-S150 (Individual)

Order A2012-S150 (40 Piece Bulk Pack) 


Replaces OEM Valve Models: B2015-S86, B2035-S4, B2035-S6, B2035-S7, B2035-S9, B2035-S44, B2035-S45, B2015-S52, B2015-S53, B2015-S69, B2015-S86, B2015-S91

Order B2015-S135 (Individual)

Order B2015-S135 (40 Piece Bulk Pack)

Originally designed and manufactured for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), the humidifier solenoid valve is now available as a replacement solenoid valve for in-home and commercial humidifiers. Available in two orifice sizes, the humidifier solenoid has a brass body and is constructed with an in-line strainer for added protection to humidifier water lines. These replacements valves are extremely economical for individual and small business owners.