Warrick Conductivity Sensors in Medical Instrument Sterilizers

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Sterilization in a hospital, dental or any medical environment is extremely critical for patient safety. To kill any bacteria and viruses from being used on the previous patient, the medical instruments must be brought up to very high temperatures.

Level Sensing in Mobile Agricultural Equipment

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Low coolant level detection in large tractors is needed to protect the engine from overheating. This requires a simple, reliable sensing solution with long life to handle the conditions often present with agricultural equipment.

3G Probe Spacers

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Below is information on probe spacers for Warrick fitting 3G. Probe spacers are used to keep probes apart, so they don’t conduct and indicate a false reading, especially for longer length probes. For lengths over ten feet it is recommended to use a wire suspended probe, 3W or 3Y. Match your 3G mounting type and number of probes to order the correct spacer.