Gems Receives New ABS Approvals & EU RO Mutual Recognition

Gems Sensors & Controls
Since 1955, Gems Sensors & Controls has earned a solid reputation for accuracy and dependability in military marine and commercial marine services. We’re building on that reputation by expanding our approvals on our marine and offshore application products to include ABS and EU RO Mutual Recognition.

Our Low Cost Solution for Vending Machine Ice Cubes

Gems Sensors & Controls
Ice vending machines are used in restaurants, bars, hotels, venues, and many more populated places, as ice is an important part in dining or entertainment experience to have that fresh cold drink customers want.

Pressure Transducer for Train Brake Unit

Gems Sensors & Controls
Air Brake Operating Units (BOU) are used extensively on passenger and freight trains around the world. Pressure transducers are mounted under the train in harsh environments on the BOU to monitor system air pressures as part of the control circuit to open and close the main air control valves used to apply & release the brakes.