Flow Sensors for Electric Showers in Care Facilities

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Electric showers are a safety feature used in care facilities to aid in showers for elderly and disabled patients or residents. With these showers, accuracy is crucial to make sure it is operating at set temperatures.

Product Highlight: LED SureSite®

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So, you're interested in our LED SureSite® visual level indicator? Here's a comprehensive view of all of the features and benefits of our newly patented, innovative product design!

Popular Reed Switch Level Sensing Products

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Reed switches are by no means new technology, but they are still commonly used today as a “tried and true” way to determine liquid level. Reed switches are very durable which ensures long, trouble-free service that is also very economical.

Pressure Monitoring on a Motor-Driven Fire Protection System

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Fire protection systems are used extensively in building services to protect the content of the building and the safety of the occupants. These systems are ready to disperse large amounts of water from sprinkler heads to aid in fire fighting.