Pressure Monitoring on a Motor-Driven Fire Protection System

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Fire protection systems are used extensively in building services to protect the content of the building and the safety of the occupants. These systems are ready to disperse large amounts of water from sprinkler heads to aid in fire fighting.

Gems Sensors – 5 Fun Facts About Our Company

Gems Sensors & Controls
Gems Sensors & Controls was founded as a sensor company in 1955. That's almost 65 years of company history. Here's five fun facts about our company you may or may not have already known!

What is a Flow Meter?

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A flow meter measures both conductive and non-conductive fluids, as well as gases and can be used to totalize or monitor the rate at which media is flowing through a given space.

How Electronic Flow Sensors Help Spread Road Salt

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Salt spreading trucks use a pre-wetting system when ice needs to be removed from roads and the temperatures are too low for direct salt spreading to work. The machine is in need of sensors that are capable of being used in very cold temperatures.