Choose the right Flow Sensors to monitor flow rates in your continuous flow applications

Gems Sensors offers a broad range of flow sensors that offer visual indication, continuous sensing and accurate switching for use in liquid or gases. Trusted RotorFlow® flow sensors and turbine flow sensors feature high quality, corrosion-resistant materials for use in tough environments with material choices, ranging from stainless steel to Ryton for vast chemical compatibility. Both RotorFlow and turbine flow sensors utilize Hall Effect technology to produce a series of voltage pulses that provide a user with accurate and reliable flow measurements.

RotorFlow Flow Sensors

  • RotorFlow® Flow Sensors provide visual indication, continuous sensing and accurate switching for large flow rates
  • Magnetic paddle
  • Bright, visual indication
  • Choice of pulses DC output or adjustable 1 AMP switched output
  • Larger flow ranges from 0.1 GPM to 60 GPM (0.38 to 227 l/min)
  • Compact inline housings
  • Available in high performance plastic, brass, or stainless steel housings

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RotorFlow Flow Sensor Products:

Turbine Flow Sensors

  • Turbine Flow Sensors provide low flow rates and high accuracy for low flow liquid monitoring
  • Rotating turbine wheel
  • Delivers accuracy to +/- 0.5% repeatability
  • Lower flow ranges from 0.1 to 8 GPM (0.5 to 30 l/min)
  • Compact and lightweight footprint
  • Available in Nylon 12 or Brass housings with NSF Certified option available

Turbine Flow Sensor Products: