How Electronic Flow Sensors Help Spread Road Salt


Salt spreading trucks use a pre-wetting system when ice needs to be removed from roads and the temperatures are too low for direct salt spreading to work. The system sprays salt water on to the road salt as it is being spread to “jump-start” the melting process. The salt is then stuck onto the road through the wetting, making the roads safer after the salting process has finished. 

Salt SpreaderChallenge: Monitor the amount of pre-wet used for conservation purposes 

Without using a pre-wet system, the salt may not stick enough to the surface, causing dangerous driving conditions. The machine is in need of sensors that are capable of being used in very cold temperatures for the machine to work properly. 

RFO Sensor

Solution: RFO Type Electronic Flow Sensor

This version of the RFO incorporates a fully-sealed electrical cavity (back filled with silicone) to avoid moisture intrusion. Gems Sensors had a customer who also required an NPN Open Collector signal output. The current Gems design was a PNP device, so this required a quick, custom redesign of the electronics. Gems was able to achieve this for the customer, while also being able to ensure the RFO worked in cold, harsh conditions.