Flow Sensors for Electric Showers in Care Facilities


Flow Sensors in Electric Showers

Electric showers are a safety feature used in care facilities to aid in showers for elderly and disabled patients or residents. With these showers, accuracy is crucial to make sure it is operating at set temperatures. Additional safe guards are also implemented on these that can sense unsafe temperatures and automatically shut down the heating element if detected. 



Challenge: Accurate flow rate, reliable and stable shower output

Accuracy is critical as even a small change in flowrate (less than one gallon per minute) can make a 1-2 degree change in water temperature. This is especially necessary in care facilities, where care givers rely on this technology to safeguard the patient or resident and to shut off or stabilize adverse temperatures before causing harm.


Solution: FT-110 Series Turbine Flow Sensor 

Gems Sensors’ FT-110 is used on the water inlet assembly to monitor flow rate and feed the information to a microcontroller and proportional valve to maintain an even water temperature. The FT-110 also boasts long-life performance, a compact size and a wide flow range that makes it an attractive solution in this application.


ft-110 group pictureFeatures of the FT-110 include:

  • Low cost solution
  • High accuracy ±3% of reading
  • Measures low liquid flow rates of 0.13 to 9.2 GPM (0.5 to 35 LPM)
  • Lightweight plastic design enables mounting in any position
  • O-ring design for manifold mounting




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