Server Farm Cooling featuring A and B Series Solenoid Valves

The server farm/data center market is a fast-growing industry.  As more and more data is produced and required for businesses and our everyday lives, there needs to be a safe and secure place to store it.  When people refer to your data being backed up in the cloud they are referring to these server farms.  Server farms are essentially large rooms with rows of computers, and with all that computing comes large amounts of heat! For these servers to operate optimally they must be kept within a temperature range of 59F – 89.6F.   


Challenge:  Finding a compact yet high flow solenoid valve that is compatible with coolant fluids.  


Solution:  Gems A and B Series Solenoid Valves 

Gems A and B Series Solenoid Valves are compact yet powerful.  With Maximum Operating Pressure Differential (MOPD) up to 1000 PSI and Cv as high as .43, they can meet strict flow and pressure requirements of a server cooling valve.  This compact design allows for OEMs to design in redundancy, which is critical in the Server Farm Cooling market.  According to Statista, cost of hourly downtime of critical servers can be as high as $400,000In addition, these cooling valves are rated for continuous duty, so no issue with leaving the valves on for extended periods of time.  

In addition, Gems A and B Series valves can be configured with a Manifold Mount body to allow for users to design and install these into their own manifolds.  This helps reduce sizecost, and potential leak points by eliminating unnecessary plumbing fittings.  If size is crucial, Gems also offers these server valves as an Operator interface.  An operator interface essentially eliminates the need for the valve body.  The valve is provided with the coil, and the inner mechanical components (plunger, plunger housing, spring) and the customer’s manifold acts as the body.  This truly saves size and helps improve flow rate by eliminating flow path turns.     

Additional Features of the Gems A and B Series Solenoid Valve:

  • Available in 2 or 3-Way configurations 
  • Encapsulated coils provide moisture intrusion protection 
  • Has bubble tight sealing capability and is designed to last for millions of cycles in general purpose liquid, gas, and vacuum applications 
  • Available in various orifice sizes, body materials, wattages, and coil constructions 


Additional Sensor Options for Plunger Lift Applications: 

  • FT-110 Flow Turbine, continuous flow sensor 
  • RFO, RFA, Rotor Flow continuous flow sensor with visual indication 
  • FT-100 Flow Turbine insert, small turbine flow sensor 
  • BL Series Valve, solenoid valve that latches open or closed, saving power and heat