What Are The Differences Between Solenoid Valve Product Types?


  • Isolation Solenoid Valves
    Isolation solenoid valves are designed to protect media and moving parts. They are ideal for high-purity and aggressive media applications.

  • Miniature Solenoid Valves
    Miniature solenoid valves are typically between 1" and 2" in diameter.

  • Specialty Solenoid Valves
    Specialty solenoid valves are ideal for remote applications where power is limited or when the temperature of the media cannot be impacted as it flows through the valve.

  • Subminiature Solenoid Valves
    Subminiature solenoid valves are less than 1" in diameter.

What Are Solenoid Valves Used For?

There are a wide variety of applications that benefit from high pressure fluid flow control capabilities in a compact footprint.  Gems valves are widely specified within medical equipment, analytical instrumentation, clinical chemistry, fuel cell, aerospace, marine, industrial gas control, oil and gas, printing, high performance automotive, SCUBA equipment, environmental test chambers, HVAC, beverage dispensing, piloting larger process valves and water transfer systems.

Although most applications can be addressed with a general purpose solenoid valve, Gems recognizes that specific industries sometimes have unique requirements.  For those challenges we offer a wide variety of specialty valves including:

  • Magnetic latching solenoid valve when input power is limited
  • High life pneumatic solenoid valve when repeatable switching speeds are required
  • Portable ventilator solenoid valves when low power and high flow is needed
  • Isolation solenoid valves to ensure media does not come into contact with moving parts
  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryogenic solenoid valve
  • Liquid CO2 (LCO2) cryogenic solenoid valve
  • Corrosion resistant solenoid valves when aggressive media needs to move at high pressures and flows
  • Heavy duty solenoid valves to stand up to harsh environments, shock and vibration
  • Bi-directional pressure solenoid valve when pressure needs to be held in the forward and reverse direction
  • High pressure CO2 solenoid valve to handle rapid discharge of tank pressures