FT-210 Flow Turbine Insert in Agriculture Sprayers



To grow the amount of food necessary to feed a growing population today’s farmer has access to numerous pieces of equipment. This equipment is crucial to tend to the large acreage that is needed to grow the large amounts of food necessary to supply the global demand. Farm equipment may include harvesters, cutters and shredders, loaders, planting equipment, sprayers, and tillers to name a few. Agriculture (ag) sprayers are one piece of equipment that farmers rely on to properly fertilize their crops. Ag sprayers must be precise as spraying the crop with the incorrect amount can kill the plant, or too little spray may not provide the correct amount of nutrients needed to grow properly. In addition, fertilizers are a large expense for farmers so there is no room for waste.

Challenge: Finding a reliable flow sensor that can withstand high vibration, inclement weather, and harsh chemicals, and still provide an accurate flow rate to the ag sprayer.

Most flow sensors cannot handle the corrosiveness of agriculture fertilizers or if they can, are too costly to integrate. In addition, the sprayers are located on the boom of the farm equipment so light weight is an important factor.

Solution: Gems FT-210 Flow Turbine Insert


Gems FT-210 flow turbine insert is less than 2” long and less than .5” wide ensuring it can fit within the smallest form factor. Its Nylon wetted material ensures high chemical compatibility with agriculture fertilizers. With a flow range down to .1 liters per minute and up to 2.5 liters per minute it can detect small amounts of flow. This is crucial for the ag sprayers as precision dosing is crucial to a high crop yield. In addition, being able to optimize the amount of fertilizer helps farmers stay within their budget. The small size of the FT-210 flow turbine insert dictates a low weight sensor that is ideal when placed on a large boom. The FT-210 inserts will be placed on each sprayer line so the weight can add up.

An additional bonus - the FT-210 flow turbine insert has passed the rigorous testing standards of the largest agriculture OEM manufacturers and is the trusted choice for many.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective flow sensor that your customers can count on, the FT-210 flow turbine insert is the solution.

Gems offers a wide variety of sensor solutions for other agriculture applications that you may be interested in.

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