Choose the right Flow Switches to monitor flow rates in your discreet flow applications

Gems Sensors offers a broad range of flow switches that offer configurations for use in liquids or gases. Material choices, ranging from stainless steel to Ryton offer vast chemical compatibility. Versions include switches with fixed or adjustable actuation settings, models for viscosity compensation or high pressures, in-line models and designs to satisfy any mounting or space requirement. Different types include Piston, Shuttle & Paddle Flow Switches.

Types of Flow Switches:

Piston Flow Switches

  • Piston Flow Switches are for flow/no-flow detection for low flow rates in liquids and gases
  • Models for liquid flow rates as low as 50 cc/min. and gas flow rates as low as 2 SCFH.
  • Small, compact housings with port sizes from 1/4" NPT
  • Precision built for superior accuracy

Typical Uses & Applications:

  • To protect your expensive electronic equipment from coolant flow failure on: Laser Heads, Welders, Power Supplies, High Speed Spindles, X-Ray Tubes and Semiconductor Equipment
  • To assure proper lubrication flow to critical bearings or gears to prevent system downtime on: Presses, Rotating Equipment, Conveyors, Machine Tools and Robotics
  • To ensure system integrity in processing and dispensing equipment on: Water Purification and Filtering, Beverage Dispensing, Chemical Additives, Gas Sampling and Distilling

Piston Flow Switch Products:

Shuttle Flow Switches

  • Shuttle flow switches are for flow/no-flow detection for moderate to high liquid flow rates
  • Models for flow rate settings from .5 GPM to 100.0 GPM
  • Rugged housings with port sizes ranging from 3/4" NPT to 3" NPT
  • Efficient flow paths assure low line pressure drop at full flow

Typical Uses & Applications:

  • To protect bearings or gears from loss of lubricant flow. Switches can reduce maintenance costs on: Oil Separators, Fuel Systems, Pumps, Compressors and Presses
  • To provide instant, automatic shutdown if coolant flow falls off in electronics or machinery, such as: Heat Exchangers, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Induction Furnaces, Radio Transmitters
  • To assure efficient operation of process systems, including: Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis, Chlorinators, De-icers, Sterilizers and Evaporators

Shuttle Flow Switch Products::

Paddle Flow Switches


  • Paddle flow switches are for flow/no-flow detection in large line sizes
  • Engineered for positive liquid flow detection at pressures up to 2000 psig (138 bar)
  • Unique, patented cam design assures low pressure drop and does not require bellows, seals, or mechanical linkages
  • Minimum in-line restriction; paddle pivots to move out of liquid path

Typical Uses & Applications:

  • To assure flow and/or leak detection in large, high pressure lines in: Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Turbines, Engines, Boilers and Chillers
  • To protect high- or low-pressure pumps from cavitation, sense critical reverse flow and protect: Valves, Pumps and Regulators

Paddle Flow Switch Products:

Flow Switch Applications and Industries: