Reliable Drilling Mud Tank Level Indication with XM-48700 Mud TLI


The environments at oil drilling sites (both land based and off-shore) are extremely harsh making it crucial for operation that the level indication of drilling mud tanks be extremely durable.

At Gems, we offer a rugged float type level sensor for reliable performance in these challenging drilling applications. Our XM-48700 Mud TLI liquid level transmitter's welded construction is built to withstand your toughest conditions and its 8" floats are designed specifically for use in drilling mud.


XM-48700 Mud TLI options include:

  • Proportional DC voltage or 4-20mA output options
  • Polyurethane or 316 stainless steel float material options
  • 304 stainless steel stem & float stops
  • Junction box termination
  • Adjustable mounting options
  • Configurable lengths

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