The XLS-1: Stands up to Oil, Harsh Chemicals, Shock and Vibration


The XLS-1 is a reliable and rugged no moving part level sensor, designed to handle harsh environments. The XLS-1 features a compact design which allows for maximum installation flexibility. It features six mounting options to ensure the sensor fits into a wide range of applications. The unique ultrasonic sensing technology enables the XLS-1 to reliably sense oil, water, and harsh chemicals, while ignoring foam and condensation. xls-1-final-e1480521055790

The XLS-1 has no moving parts, and is an ideal solution for sensing liquid level in off-highway vehicles, with an IP6k9k rating to handle powerful wash downs. The XLS-1 has dependable performance in chemical exposures, so it stands up to the harshest agricultural applications.  The small footprint of the XLS-1 allows it to easily fit into existing printing systems, making it a great sensing solution for determining ink level in printers; while the proven durability in high shock and environments with substantial vibration make it the ideal sensor for mining and construction applications.

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