KS98-2 in Heat Treating Equipment


Heat treating is vital process in manufacturing. By altering the temperature of metals, we can change the properties, durability, and performance of the materials.  To accurately and repeatedly get the desired results, the metal being worked on needs to be held to the most precise standards, two of which being the time to heat/cool the metal and the temperature the metal is needed to be held at.

Application Challenge:

Be able to reliability and repeatedly perform the heating and cooling of a metal to get the desired performance and durability.


Application Solution:

KS98-2 for Precise Temperature Control - The KS98-2 was designed with multiple loop controls built in as well as the ability to quickly respond to temperature fluctuations to ensure the properties of the material being worked on are within specified parameters.   This allows the user to set up recipes for repeatable processes with a predefined temperature or time, or use the manual set up for greater flexibility.  The modularity of the system allows for a diverse range of inputs from varying sensors, making this a manufacturer agnostic device. Utilizing this controller allows for minimized cycle times because of the accuracy in monitoring, resulting in more cycles that can be performed, yielding higher productivity.  This higher productivity directly corresponds to an increase in cost savings.


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  • Heat treatment
  • Carburization
  • Semiconductor
  • Laboratory Ovens


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