Bidirectional Flow Switch in Hydraulic Steering Applications

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Challenge: Detecting Bidirectional Flow to Address the Needs of Hydraulic Steering Applications

Automatic hydraulic steering systems can be difficult to override quickly at each helm, with the system trying to fight the override. Detecting bidirectional hydraulic flow typically requires two separate flow switches, until now!

Solution: FS-B Bidirectional Flow Switch for Hydraulic Steering Applications

The FS-B Bidirectional Flow Switch detects hydraulic flow in either direction with one sensor, and disables the autopilot for a specified time interval. 

In addition, it can help assist the manual steering by signaling the hydraulic pump to turn on. FS-B Bidirectional Flow Switch Before and After

Key Benefits for Bidirectional Flow Switches:

  • Enables use of one flow sensor, instead of two different flow sensors, saving cost and inventory management
  • Reduces number of fittings and thus potential leak points
  • Reduces installation time and complexity
  • Reduces physical footprint needed for the sensor
  • Inline flow path reduces pressure drop/cavitation
  • Proven Piston Flow Switch design is repeatable and not affected from temperature and pressure

Additional Products available for the Hydraulic Steering Application:

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