Shuttle Type Adjustable Flow Switches


Adjustable Versions


Adjustable versions of the FS-200 and FS-400 Flow Switches incorporate an internal adjustable bypass vane which is controlled externally using an ordinary, flat-blade screwdriver. As the bypass vane is rotated to its open position, an increasing amount of liquid is allowed to bypass the shuttle assembly, resulting in the need for a higher rate of flow to actuate the switch; closing the adjustable bypass vane results in switch actuation at lower flow rates. Flow switch actuation can be set from 0.75 GPM to 15 GPM.



90° Flow Path Versions


Replace an ordinary 90° pipe joint with an FS-400 Series switch to monitor liquid flow with 1% repeatability. A choice of seven flow rate actuation settings ranging from 0.75 GPM to 10.0 GPM are offered.


All Plastic, Transparent Versions


The FS-400P Series is an inexpensive alternative for plastic piping systems. Units are available in clear PVS housings. The clear version, with a bright red shuttle, provides highly visible affirmation of flow status. Low-cost, all PVC versions are for use in systems where liquid pressures are below 120 psig and temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. An easily removed, one-piece bonnet and shuttle assembly for quick clean-out is featured.