Selecting A Pneumatic Low Pressure Sensor


What is a pneumatic low pressure sensor?

Pneumatic= Low Pressure Sensors < 25 bar

A pneumatic pressure sensor can also be referred to as a low pressure sensors or <25 bar.At Gems, you can find our selection of low pressure sensors under Capacitance Low Pressure Transducers . These low pressure sensors are simple, durable and fundamentally stable. Variable capacitor technology, a rugged physical configuration, stainless steel wetted parts and a careful marriage of the mechanical assembly to the electronic circuitry combine to create highly repeatable transducers with low hysteresis and only .5% long-term drift full scale per year, for low pressure/pneumatic applications.

Why choose a low pressure sensor?

Detecting the capacitance change between two surfaces allows Gems transducers to sense extremely low pressure and vacuum levels .And their robust construction allows these units to be used in a wide variety of low pressure/pneumatic applications.


Types of Pneumatic Pressure Sensors


890-5-2.0-884890 Series Transducer 

The 890 series pressure transducer features low hysteresis, very stable operation and negligible clamping effect are inherent.  

890 Series Applications: 

  • Food processing
  • Dairy & beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Sanitary pipelines



809 Series Pressure Transducer 

The 809 series pressure transduceris designed specifically for industrial applications. They offer exceptional reliability in typical industrial grade environments

809 Series Applications: 

  • Hydraulic systems 
  • Compressor control 
  • HVAC/R equipment 
  • Industrial engines 
  • Process and containerized refrigeration systems 
  • Industrial OEM equipment


5000_Transducer5000 Series Pressure Transducer 

The 5000 series pressure transducerfeatures a sturdy ceramic diaphragm that detects minute pressure variations, while withstanding large pressure spikes

5000 Series Applications: 

  • Waste water applications
  • Process tanks
  • Commercial marine - cruise ships, yachts and workboats 


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