Level Sensor for Bus Ingress Water Level


City buses all over the world need to operate in all conditions:  hot, cold, dry, wet, rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc.  While the bus is being operated during the wet season (either heavy rain or as the snow is melting), large puddles can form on the road in low areas.  If this standing water was to enter the bus's engine compartment or even worse, the area that holds passengers, the bus could stop operating or passengers can be exposed to dirty water. 


Challenge:  Finding a liquid sensor that can detect if water has entered an area AND withstand the rough environment and wide temperature ranges that the sensor will be exposed to on a vehicle all over the globe 

Operating a sensor in the real world mounted on a bus’s chassis can be a serious challenge with temperature extremes, humid areas as well as being sprayed by water, mud, road salt, etc.   


Solution:  CAP-3 Series Liquid Level Sensor 

Utilizing a durable and sealed brass body, the Gems CAP-3 series sensors are 100% compatible with the environment that comes with being installed on a bus.  This extra protection will lead to accurate coolant level readings as well as a long-lasting solution for trouble-free operation. 


Features of the Gems CAP-3 Series Level Sensors:

  • Tolerates coating = No false triggers if dried fluids are left on the sensor’s tip 
  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability = No need for costly field calibration or replacement 
  • Sealed to IP67 & IP6k9k = Heavy water spray, power-washing will not affect the sensor 
  • Enhanced RFI, EMI, and ESD Protection = Clear Uninterrupted signal in harsh electrical environments 
  • Passes stringent Vibration test (MIL-STD-202G, Method 204D) and Shock test (MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B) = Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions 




Additional Sensor Options for Bus Systems: 

  • XLS-1: Ultrasonic level switch for fluid reservoirs  
  • A-Valve: Regulates flow of fluids and gases 
  • CAP-300Coolant level 
  • ELS-950/1100/1150Optical switch for fluid reservoirs 
  • PS61Monitoring pressure of the oil/water part of system