Gems delivers the answer for challenging fluid measurement and monitoring with the UCL ultrasonic level sensor and ultrasonic level transmitter. These accurate and reliable sensors are designed for the most difficult fluids to monitor, where contact with media is not desirable. This can happen at extremes of sensing - ultrapure on one extreme, and dirty on the other, as well as in environments where coating or scaling is possible. An ultrasonic level sensor is also appropriate for corrosive media.

ULS Series switches operate using ultrasonic sound wave propagation. Ultrasonic sound waves are greatly attenuated when transmitted through air. Conversely, when liquid is present, transmission of the sound waves is greatly enhanced. The electronic control unit generates electrical signals that are converted to bursts of ultrasonic energy at the sensor. The ultrasonic bursts are transmitted across the liquid sensing gap. Upon receipt of a valid signal, the solid-state electronics generate a data enable condition, indicating liquid is present. This signal energizes a relay and provides an output condition.

View the Ultrasonic Single-Point Level Sensor:

The Gems XLS Series of ultrasonic switches are designed to operate in a wide spectrum of liquids, ranging from oils to inks. These rugged switches are constructed from stainless steel and built to withstand high pressures, temperature, and vibration.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Product Highlights:

Typical Media:

  • Acids
  • Wastewater
  • Inks and Paints
  • Slurries
  • Food and Beverage
  • Semiconductor Process Chemicals
  • Oils and Petroleum Distillates


  • Accurate and reliable sensing method
  • Ultrasonic level sensor technology is ideal for difficult fluids where contact with the media is not desirable
  • An ultrasonic liquid level transmitter is ideally sized and priced for most applications
  • Easy to install - simple to use
  • There are no moving parts