How Pressure Sensors & Solenoid Valves Are Used in Printing

Pressure Sensors & Solenoid Valves in Printing 

Modern commercial printing presses require numerous sensors and controls on board to monitor every step of the process as compared to their predecessors from decades ago.  With that, pressure sensors and solenoid valves work together in screen printing equipment, ink dispensing systems for industrial ink jet printers monitoring the ink levels 

Challenge:  Accurately control the ink/air passing through the printer during use and after cleaning 


In a printer, the pressure sensors and valves are required to accurately control the ink/air dispensing system to enable a seamless, flawless printing The pressure sensor must be able to monitor harsh chemicals used in the printing process as well as the cleaning processes while providing consistent feedback readings.  Without these stable sensors and controls, the printer would dispense the incorrect shade, excessive amounts of ink, or no ink at all.  




Solution:  3100 Series Pressure Sensor & E2012 Valve  

Gems 3100 Series Pressure Sensor offers stainless steel (17-4pH) wetted parts to withstand the harsh chemicals & industry leading long-term drift of 0.2% FS/YR (non-cumulative).  Coupled with the E2012 Solenoid Valve fluidic system, our solution ensures the printer dispenses a controlled & accurate amount of ink allowing the printer to operate correctlyThe Gems Sensors and Control solutions interface together to help to ensure a flawless printing process.  


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