How Continuous Level Sensors Improve Tank Level Detection in Printing


Printing has come a long way since the invention of the printing press in the 1400s. Printers are faster and more advanced than ever before. But being on the cutting edge in the printing industry requires technology that can measure up. Insert the continuous level sensor. Literally. Swapping your point level sensor for a continuous level sensor will result in improvements for printer OEMs such as reduced printer interruptions, reduced liquid displacement, and a smaller equipment footprint.


Reduced printer interruptions

When it comes to printing, no one likes when the ink runs out, especially during a job. Continuous level sensors are becoming the alternative to discreet level sensors that many OEMs are adopting. A huge benefit is reduced printer interruptions. This means that printer operators will have accurate ink level detection prior to starting the job.


Reduced liquid displacement

Depending on your sensor supplier, you can purchase a continuous level sensor with a smaller profile. This reduces liquid displacement and increases tank space.


Decreased equipment footprint

Want to fit more secondary tanks but decrease the size of your carriage system? Continuous level sensors with internal signal conditioning (ISC) can help reduce the size of your equipment.

Ready to incorporate continuous level sensors into your equipment? Gems offers a range of continuous level sensors for all your tank monitoring needs including our XT-700 and XM-300/700.

XMXT-700                                               XMXT-300-white

    XT-700                                              XM-300/700


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