Gems XM/XT-800 Level Sensor in Commercial Marine

Marine vessels include tugboats, ferry boats, cruise ships, and tanker ships to name a few.  If you’ve ever been on a ship or a large boat, you realize they have all the same systems that a house or even small town would have.  They have a propulsion system, an electrical power generation system, a potable water system, sewer system, and HVAC system.  All these life supporting systems are vital for the ship to operate correctly, including many additional systems that improve the safety and functionality of the ship.   

Many of these systems require accurate and consistent level sensing measurement.  Below are some of the tanks on used on commercial marine vessels and their function.   

  • Ballast Level:   Ballast tanks help maintain proper lower center of gravity providing a smoother ride for the crew and passengers.   
  • Fire suppression:  Fire suppression systems like AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) system is used to smother the fire and limit oxygen from fueling the flames.  
  • Bilge Tanks:  The bilges will be the lowest level of ships and they are beneath the main engines and other voids.  Any spilled or leaking liquids like oil, fuel, and water can accumulate their and will need to be emptied routinely.   
  • Lubricating Oil Tanks:  Oil tanks including hydraulic oil, gear oil, or engine oil is stored in tanks and it’s important to keep accurate level measurements as these are vital to efficient propulsion and power systems.  
  • Fuel Tanks:  Many large ships will operate on diesel fuel which will feed both the main propulsion engines and the electrical generators.  Ensuring proper diesel fuel level is critical to not run out and be left stranded with no power or propulsion.  
  • Water Tanks:  Ships will typically have Reverse Osmosis systems that convert sea water into fresh drinking water.  The potable water is stored in tanks for domestic use like drinking, cooking, and showering.   
  • Sewage and Wastewater:  Ships need their own waste system that will hold the waste until the ship is back in port or it can be pumped overboard if they are the allowable distance away from land.

Challenge:  Accurately measure fluid tank level and withstand the high vibration from being in a commercial marine tank. 

Solution:  Gems XM/XT-800 Level Sensor                           

The XM/XT-800 is a compact level transmitter that is constructed from durable stainless steel or brass.  The XM/XT-800 level sensor is highly configurable with six different mounting options, seven different float selections, and seven different output choices.  In addition, the length is customizable to your specific tank ensuring maximum indication length.  This is crucial for commercial marine tank applications because accurate level measurement ensures the ships vital systems are continuously operational.  There is no room for downtime as these marine systems not only provide crew comfort but also are vital to their safety.  

The XM/XT-800 level sensor uses a float and stem technology which is not only very reliable but very repeatable.  Since this is a direct reading and not inferred (through the air technology) it is not affected from changes in temperature and pressure and doesn’t need any routine calibration.  This makes it simple and easy to configure these for multiple different liquid types which is common on commercial marine tanks.  


Additional Features on the XM/XT-800: 

  • Online configurator allows for quick and simple configuration with some options built in 1 week 
  • ¼” resolution provides high level measurement accuracy  
  • All 316 SS construction available for rugged applications and high chemical compatibility 
  • Common outputs available including 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 0-12 VDC and Proportional Voltage 


ABS Approval: 

  • ABS is the American Bureau of Shipping. 
  • They certify that devices can be used on marine vessels. 
  • Many marine OEMS’s require that the devices they use have this certification to ensure the equipment is safe 
  • ABS Website 



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