Gems’ LS-270 Level Switch in Commercial Marine Bilges


Commercial Marine vessels may include tugboats, ferry boats, cruise ships, and tanker ships to name a few.  For the vessels to operate efficiently and effectively they have multiple systems that work together.  They have a propulsion system, an electrical power generation system, a potable water system, sewer system, and HVAC system.  All these life supporting systems are vital for the ship to operate correctly, including many additional systems that improve the safety and functionality of the ship. 

One system that may be overlooked on a commercial marine vessel is the bilge system. 

Bilge Tanks:  The bilges will be the lowest level of ships and they are beneath the main engines and other voids.  Any spilled or leaking liquids like oil, fuel, and water can accumulate there and will need to be emptied routinely.

  Consistently measure high bilge fluid level and withstand the high vibration from being in a commercial marine tank.  

  Gems’ LS-270 Bracket Mounting Slosh Shield Level Switch Picture5.

The LS-270 is a small, lightweight, and extremely stable in highly contaminated liquids.  This is crucial for bilge tanks as multiple types of fluids will eventually make their way down into these voids.  These fluids may include hydraulic oil, engine lubricating oil, diesel or jet fuel, potable water, and seawater.  The LS-270 comes standard with a slosh shield which helps minimize the effect of turbulence and prevents any foreign debris from fouling up the movement of the float.  This is vital for a marine vessel as liquid is constantly sloshing around due to the vessel moving up and down in the waves.  Also, many bilges are open to above so material can easily be dropped in and effect float switches if they are not protected.  

Features on the LS-270:

  • Neoprene jacketed 6’ cable with waterproof connection to level switch 
  • Buna N float material ensures high compatibility with various medias
  • Clear Polycarbonate slosh shield allows for quick visual indication of float
  • Operating temperature range of -40 F to 140 F
  • Works with liquids with specific gravity down to 0.55
  • ABS Approval:
    • ABS is the American Bureau of Shipping.Picture6.
    • They certify that devices can be used on marine vessels.
    • Many marine OEMS’s require that the devices they use have this certification to ensure the equipment is safe
    • ABS Website link to XM/XT-800 Series:Type Approval PDA Details (
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