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5000 Series Pressure Transducer

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5000 Series Pressure Sensor features a sturdy ceramic diaphragm that detects pressure variations and withstands large pressure spikes. The tough ceramic sensor is housed in a stainless-steel case to ensure performance in demanding applications. Both voltage and 4-20 mA outputs are available. A switch and potentiometer can be accessed for field adjustment of range with 3:1 ranging capability.


3 - 20 days
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Lead-times apply to standard parts & configurations. Expedited shipments available by contacting factory. Lead-times may vary based on quantity and/or non-standard configurations.

CE ROHS Gems Compliant CSA


  • Submersible and General Purpose Models
  • Stainless Steel Case Construction
  • High Proof Pressures
  • Open Faced for Viscous Liquids
Sensor Type
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Pressure
10 in. WC
Maximum Pressure
150 in. WC

Gems Sensors Instructions, 5000

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Gems Sensors Catalog, 5000

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  • General Industry
  • General Industry - Other
  • General Industry - Tanks
  • Marine - Commercial - Aftermarket
  • Marine - Commercial - Cruise Ships
  • Marine - Commercial - Shipbuilder
  • Marine - Commercial - Workboats
  • Marine - Commercial - Yachts
  • Marine Vessels
  • Process Applications
  • Process Industry - Chemical
  • Process Industry - Process Tanks
  • Process Tanks
  • Waster Water Applications