1100 Pressure Sensor in Power Take-Off


A PTO is one method of harnessing the power (energy) from a power source (like a running engine) and using it to perform a task. PTO stands for Power Take-Off. Some examples might be moving a till on a farm tractor, running a water pump on a fire truck, or creating compressed air for use to repair a vehicle broken down on the roadway.

Harnessing the power of a running engine has been implemented for over 100 years. With today’s demand for feedback and “what is it doing now?” requirements, manufacturers/OEMs/customer demand feedback from the PTO to observe live data and what is happening with the device. These manufacturers add sensors on the device to provide feedback to the controller that runs the PTO as well as feed “up to the minute” data to the operator in the cab.

Challenge: Finding a pressure sensor that can withstand the wide temperature ranges that the sensor will be exposed to on a vehicle all over the globe

Operating a sensor in the real world can be a serious challenge with temperature extremes, humid areas as well as being sprayed by water, mud, road salt, etc.

Solution: 1100 Series Pressure Sensor

Utilizing a 304 Stainless Steel body, the Gems 1100 series pressure sensors are 100% compatible with the environment that comes with being installed on a PTO: road salt, mud, heavy rain, snow, etc. This extra protection will lead to accurate pressure readings as well as a long-lasting solution for trouble-free operation.

Features of the Gems 1100 Series Pressure Sensors

  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability = No need for costly field calibration or replacement
  • Thermally compensated = Consistent performance under wide temperature conditions
  • 304 Stainless Steel body = Able to with stand harsh chemicals and gasses
  • Sealed to IP67 = heavy water spray, power-washing
  • Enhanced RFI, EMI, and ESD Protection = Clear Uninterrupted signal in harsh electrical environments
  • Computer Controlled Calibration = High 1:1 Interchangeability from unit to unit
  • Passes 40G Vibration test and IEC Free Fall test = Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions


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