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LS-300TFE Multi-Point Level Switch

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LS-300TFE Series Multi-Point Level Switch is a corrosion resistant liquid level switch available in all-PTFE wetted parts for ultra-pure fluids. LS-300TFE features a one-piece molded design for low particle generation, 1 to 4 actuation levels in a single unit and lengths to 40 inches.

  • Particle Generation-One piece Molded Design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • 1 to 4 Actuation Levels in a Single Unit
  • Lengths to 40" (610 mm)


20 days
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Lead-times apply to standard parts & configurations. Expedited shipments available by contacting factory. Lead-times may vary based on quantity and/or non-standard configurations.

CE ROHS Gems Compliant CSA


  • Low Particle Generation-One piece Molded Design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • 1 to 4 Actuation Levels in a Single Unit
  • Lengths to 40" (610 mm)
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Pressure
0 psi
Maximum Pressure
50 psi
Minimum Specific Gravity
Maximum Specific Gravity
Minimum Indication
Maximum Indication

Reed Switch Protection

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Gems Sensors Instructions, LS-300 and LS-350

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Gems Sensors Catalog, LS-300TFE

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Is there a minimum current flow requirement for a standard 20VA reed switch?

Yes, very low currents (< 5ma) can prevent “cleaning” of the contacts or not have enough energy to maintain low contact resistance. 5ma is likely a good minimum for our standard 20 VA switch. But you also want enough voltage. Approximately, 5V, 5ma is a good minimum. For low current switching we recommend a 10 VA reed switch which can better handle lower loads. (1ma for example).

What is the life expectancy of a reed switch?

A reed switch is extremely rugged and designed to operate reliably for many years, under ideal conditions, up to about 2 million cycles. To achieve maximum service life, reed switches benefit from protected electrical supply.