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LS-1700 Single-Point Level Switch

Part Number: 01701
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Small compact level switches combines reliability with low cost. The LS-1700 Series Single-Point Level Switch unit is equipped with a hermetically sealed SPST 20 VA reed switch and is operated by permanent magnets within the float. As the float is raised and lowered with changing liquid level, the hermetically sealed single point level switch closes as the float comes into proximity of the reed switch. The switch logic can be reversed on most models by inverting the float on the stem via a removable float retaining clip. The 20 VA switch is suitable for most solid state control circuits, by using a relay interface the switch can be made capable of switching higher current loads. The unit is easy to install and can be top or bottom mounted. Using an extension pipe and proper sealing techniques the unit can be extended into the tank for high, intermediate, and low level actuation points. The LS-1700 brass/buna version is ideal for low hydraulic fluid warning and other hydrocarbon applications. It can be factory custom configured for volume OEM applications and used as a water or oil level switch.

  • Rugged Durability
  • Ideal for Oils and Water
  • Broad Heat and Pressure Capabilities


  • Rugged Durability
  • Ideal for Oils and Water
  • Broad Heat and Pressure Capabilities  
Sensor Type
Float Type
Primary Material Of Construction
Wetted Materials
316 Stainless Steel, Teflon, Epoxy
Stem Material
Stainless Steel
Float Material
Float Diameter
Actuation Level
Min. Liquid SG
Maximum Pressure
1,000 psi
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Mounting Size
1/8" NPT Male
Mounting Style
Electrical Termination
24" Long, 22 AWG, Polymeric Leads
Switch Type
SPST (20 VA)
Switch Operation
Normally Open (Non-Reversible)

Reed Switch Protection

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Gems Sensors Instructions, Level Switches

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Gems Sensors Catalog, Small Alloy Float Level Switches

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Is there a minimum current flow requirement for a standard 20VA reed switch?

Yes, very low currents (< 5ma) can prevent “cleaning” of the contacts or not have enough energy to maintain low contact resistance. 5ma is likely a good minimum for our standard 20 VA switch. But you also want enough voltage. Approximately, 5V, 5ma is a good minimum. For low current switching we recommend a 10 VA reed switch which can better handle lower loads. (1ma for example).

What is the life expectancy of a reed switch?

A reed switch is extremely rugged and designed to operate reliably for many years, under ideal conditions, up to about 2 million cycles. To achieve maximum service life, reed switches benefit from protected electrical supply.