Gems Sensors Helps Set New World Land Speed Record

Gems Sensors and Controls are delighted to be supporting Bloodhound SSC with our 3200 series pressure transducers. These sensors will be measuring pressure in the hydraulic systems up to 270 bar. The applications that we're measuring on the front panels which provide the downforce to keep the car safely on the ground.

Also, the high-speed air brakes with perforated flaps that open either side of the car and also the disc brakes for slow speed braking. These are essential systems to ensure that the car stops at the desired location and avoid wasting valuable time during the one-hour turnaround period.

We're also using the 3200 series pressure transducers for the high-test peroxide rocket fuel. This is to measure the pressures up to 100 bar either side of the catalyst pack price the rocket motor. To avoid the wrong sensor being fitted in either of the systems, we're using different threads, so we cannot fit the wrong sensor into the wrong location.

Gems Sensors and Controls serves the off-highway vehicle and transportation market as well as the medical, semiconductor, food and beverage, marine, and HVAC sectors. Gems Sensors supply machine manufacturers the sensors that monitor and control their equipment. These sensors include pressure transducers and switches, liquid level transmitters, visual indicators, liquid level control units, water in fuel detection, flow switches, and miniature solenoid valves. These products can be brought together as a subassembly and supplied as a fluidic system which reduces complexity and cost.

We needed a robust and compact sensor for use in our land speed world record car we're building. Gems provided the perfect answer to this in our 3200 pressure transducer series. It's been proven in the off-highway vehicle market.