Custom Fluid Sensing Solutions

As a design engineer you have a lot on your mind. Having to compromise on your design due to fluid sensing limitations should not be one of them. At Gems Sensors, we believe that finding a fluid sensing solution that fits your application should be simple and straight-forward. And, for those times when an off-the-shelf option just won’t do… Our experienced team of application and design engineers will work with you to customize to your design requirements.

From simple, basic modifications to engineered fluidic systems with integrated sensors, Gems Sensors has you covered. Leveraging Gems Sensors’ broad portfolio of fluid sensing technologies as a starting point, we have decades of experience creating custom solutions ranging from simple modifications and sub-assemblies. All the way to integrated sensing solutions that can incorporate level, pressure, flow, and temperature sensing as well as valves and controls.

You have enough to worry about – give Gems Sensors a call and let our engineers take the hassle out of selecting and customizing fluid sensing solutions so you can be uncompromising when it comes to your next product design.